The Power of Automation for Digital Health and Connected Devices

Elevated Patient Engagement and Protocol Success through Next-Gen Solutions at ProofPilot 

I attended this year's Festival of Biologics conference from March 20-22, 2023, where I discussed how our team at ProofPilot reshaped the landscape by tackling patient dropout and protocol deviations. According to the Center for Info & Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP), a surprising 30% of all patients drop out due to confusion and the overwhelming burden placed on them. Clinical sites regularly struggled with complicated protocols and disjointed technology, compromising data quality and research outcomes. When connected devices and digital health were introduced, the complexity increased exponentially. In this article, I recount the talk I shared that aimed to unravel the remarkable advantages of automating deployment, management, and compliance of patient devices in clinical research and spotlight ProofPilot's journey as a leading-edge company dedicated to digitalizing protocol workflows for sponsors and clinical sites. 

Welcome to the Future: ProofPilot Unveiled 

ProofPilot revolutionized the clinical trial process by digitizing protocols, delivering seamless navigation, removing guesswork in accessing disparate technology gaps (lab portals, EDC, ePRO, etc.), and guaranteeing flawless study conduct for sponsors. Our state-of-the-art platform diminished patient and site burden while preventing protocol deviations and patient dropout. 

Connected Devices in Clinical Trials: A Game-Changing Success Story 

In a recent direct-to-patient trial, ProofPilot deployed our Co-Pilot solution to automate the implementation of connected scales directly to patients with accompanying workflows, minimizing site burden and boosting patient adherence. Spanning across the US and UK, the study achieved an impressive 87% adherence for electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePROs) and a whopping 92% for daily weigh-ins, thanks to our Co-Pilot experience. Participants enjoyed the optionality of utilizing both desktop and smartphones, with an overwhelming 93% switching between both devices. 

Mastering Connected Device Deployment and Management through Automation: Best Practices Unveiled at the Conference 

Shipping and Setup Process: We discussed how to streamline shipping and study tasks to preserve study integrity while minimizing defects, returns, and patient dropout. 

Inventory Management: We explored how to plan for potential flaws in devices, shipping, and patient adherence to circumvent inventory challenges. 

Welcome Kit & Messaging: We demonstrated how to deliver crystal-clear instructions, aptly labeled components, and patient brochures in a bespoke unboxing experience. 

Intelligently Timed Reminders and Guides: We outlined how to deliver multimedia instructions and reminders at opportune moments to guarantee high protocol adherence and reduce confusion. 

Performance Recognition: We showcased how to deploy badges, points, micropayments, and other innovative motivational tools to keep patients engaged and informed about their progress in the study. 

Compliance Dashboard: We highlighted how to employ visually striking representations of compliance data to pinpoint non-adherence thresholds, data flow failures, and completion timing. 

Device Return: We presented how to streamline the device return process to alleviate patient burden and safeguard the retrieval of invaluable devices and data. 

As a Final Thought 

Embracing automation and connected devices in clinical research has the potential to create a paradigm shift, resulting in enhanced efficiency, patient focus, and success for digital health trials. ProofPilot's innovative automated approach improved the success rates of trials with connected devices by alleviating patient and site burden, improving adherence, and elevating the overall clinical trial experience. By implementing these best practices, sponsors can propel their clinical research operations forward and emerge as industry frontrunners in digital health and beyond. 


Joseph Kim


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