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What kinds of studies can you run on ProofPilot?

Medical & Pharma Innovation Initiatives

Speed innovation with reduced administrative burden, with the scientific validation required in the medical and pharmaceutical environment.

It's more than just relaxation. Meditation shows promise in areas from pain reduction to immunity and productivity. Add meditation techniques to your study. 

Meditation Studies

Social Service Program Evaluations

Social support programs are the bedrock of preventing problems and ensuring our communities stay healthy. Evaluate initiatives and create your evidence base.

Emerging research is showing the power of nutrition & supplements. But what's real, what's a fad, and what's just hype? Design & launch nutrition studies to find out. 

Nutrition & Supplement Evaluations

The classic gold standard. Double- blind, cross-sectional, 60 day, 2 years ... Design an RCT with limited budget, run it automatically. Get your results. 

Mental & Behavioral Health Studies

Mental and behavioral health issues, including substance abuse are the leading cause of disability worldwide. Find and test solutions to these global epidemics. 

Innovation doesn't just happen in the big city at major academic medical centers. Develop and test home grown solutions relevant to your community.

Alternative Health & Wellness Evaluations

The global wellness market is now three times larger than the pharmaceutical industry.  Design and launch trials to develop the same evidence base. 

Americans could drop their annual health-care costs by a third via better food choices according to a 2007 paper published in the Journal of Health Affairs. However, healthy food items are expensive, and sometimes far away. Integrate online grocery credits from Thrive Market into your health promotion programs, and see how outcomes change. Read the announcement at the ProofPilot Blog.

Test & Evaluate Online Grocery Credit Programs

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The scientifically valid techniques to create evidence used to be just too expensive. So we actually know relatively little about what improves our society and health. 


ProofPilot puts the tools, once only available to a select well funded few, into the hands of anyone with a valid question.

ProofPilot is powerful enough for the career researcher, easy enough for the novice, and enjoyable for participants. 


Design a study, engage participants, review results. It's that easy.

Democratizing Evidence

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Mental & Behavioral Health Studies

Mental and behavioral health issues, including substance abuse are the leading cause of disability worldwide. Find and test solutions to these global epidemics. 

Fitness & Performance Trials

Weekend enthusiast, professional athlete or body hacker. Track your performance and determine what works to improve & optimize.

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Replicate Specific Studies

Need more inspiration? Get ideas by copying studies already done by leading academic institutions. It's not plagiarism. It's actually an important part of the scientific process.

Overcoming the ProofPilot Equivalent of Writers Block

Mothers with opioid use disorder are at high risk for maladaptive parenting. Study findings suggest a trauma-informed MBP intervention for parenting women with opioid use disorders is associated with significant clinical improvements in quality of parenting behavior. Results of this model show promise in supporting parenting of mothers receiving treatment for opioid use disorders to enhance bonding and parenting.

Conducting InstitutionThomas Jefferson School of Public Health

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Who Can Replicate & Launch this Study?

Trial Design

Timing: 12- weeks 

Design: randomized cross-sectional trial

This study could be replicated within any outpatient drug treatment environment or a parental visiting nurses program. 

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