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What Works to Improve Lives?

Launch research studies that used to only be possible in pharma and academia.

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The randomized controlled trial or outcome study made simple.

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Why ProofPIlot is Important

No business person would ever run a retail store without a cash register or accounting system. It's a definitive way to measure success. But when it comes to health, wellness and personal performance, we essentially determine success on blind faith, habit, anecdote, and hype .Almost everything we "know" about human health come from small, flawed studies. Experiments on "what works" to improve the human condition are extremely challenging. You can't hold humans in a test tube, jab them with treatments and milk them for data over months and years.

The tools researchers do use to conduct this kind of research haven't changed much in decades. They are limited, extremely manual and exceptionally expensive. With research funding award rates dropping by half over the past couple of years. So a lot of studies never get done. Leaving us to make important decisions based on reality tv star endorsements and political ideology. Not on what works to improve our personal or societal health. At best, this wastes money. At worst it puts people's lives at risk.

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