Challenges of Clinical Trials: The Phone Tag Problem in Patient Recruiting

patient recruitment challenges of phone calls

I am old enough to remember the days before caller ID when poor souls would simply pick up every call that came in on a hardline. Today, unless you’re actually expecting a call from someone in your contacts, a caller is lucky to hear two rings before you diverted a surprise call directly to voicemail.  Why then does the industry think these rules of engagement disappear when research site staff attempt to call a potential participant for an opportunity to join clinical research?

The sad truth is that millions of dollars and hours of effort are spent trying to contact potential research participants, with a predictable 40% of these participants never making one good contact with the research clinic. 

Why does this call even need to happen? Well, no self-respecting clinical research coordinator (CRC) will schedule a lengthy and costly visit 1 for a participant who just simply may not be a match for the trial.  And rightly so, CRCs want to vet individuals on a number of things before taking up that precious time slot to maximize the chance that a match will be made.

With all the technological advancements in clinical research, few have tried to remedy one of the most obvious unmet needs and challenges in patient recruitment for clinical trials – solutions for patients that eliminate phone tag. If millions of restaurants all over the globe can coordinate millions of diners to reserve tables to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner, well then so should the clinical research industry.

But there’s good news! We have created an easy-to-implement slice of technology to automate this simple task between clinic staff and potential research participants to address this challenge. We are offering it to sites, 3rd party recruitment providers, and Sponsors. Eliminate phone tag from your patient recruitment process to enroll faster and waste less time.

Joseph Kim


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