Protocol Solutions

Supporting all of your trial needs


Meet your patients where they are, culturally, socially, generationally, technologically, and economically. The intelligence of ProofPilot’s Platform can serve up the right content, training, and language with precision

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Patient Engagement

Patients have busy lives and your trial is simply not top of mind - sorry! Don’t bombard them with constant reminders, extra devices, annoying phone tag, and paper brochures that get lost. ProofPilot curates a personalized, digital experience that can responsibly disappear into the background of the lives of your busy patient, enabling education and action at the right time on the device of their choosing.

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Protocol Adherence

Protocols and manuals of operation require sites to remember key aspects of the protocol in order to reference them. ProofPilot tightly orchestrates protocol activities and conduct so that the guesswork is removed and errors are eliminated.

Group 211

rSDV (remote Source Doc Verification)

Right size your SDV monitoring strategy based on scientific needs, not financial constraints. Save time and money, while increasing productivity by eliminating costly site visits and upgrading to ProofPilot’s rSDV capabilities.

Group 215

Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT)

DCTs might be the most complex way to conduct a trial. ProofPilot’s Digital Protocol Automation Platform intelligently orchestrates all tasks so that handoffs are in sync and that nothing falls through the cracks. Better yet, you can (and should) test all operational workflows before going live!

Group 214

Consumer Health

Consumer Health products are regulated very differently from drugs and medical devices, so the investment and conduct of research should be different too. ProofPilot’s Digital Protocols can be right-sized for the speed, rigor, and budgets of consumer health organizations as well.

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