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Spotlight on Women’s Health Awareness Month

70% of the Fitness Industry is made up of Women. Their journeys, communities, and outlook on health and wellness are numerous and varied. Kiera and Diane are here to tell you their stories.

Women’s Health Awareness Intro

May is Women’s Health Awareness Month! ProofPilot is happy to spotlight two everyday influencers in our communities – Kiera Smalls and Diane Jenet – who not only show us that we can be fit no matter color, age, size or shape, but also help everyone around them achieve their fitness goals. Hear their views on what it means to be a woman in the fitness industry, their challenges and superpowers, and how they feel research can help to build trust in their practice.

Origin Stories:

Kiera did not grow up with all of the habits, privileges, and support afforded to many to help achieve a healthy lifestyle. Learn about the determination and mindset helped her overcome challenges for both herself and her community

Diane made a mid-career decision to devote herself to health and wellness. Many didn’t believe she could do it. Learn about her resilience to overcome a system that wants to quit you, when you won’t.

Women's Challenges and Super Powers:

“I think about the nurturing perspective that women have and their wanting to help as many people as possible and educate as many people as possible.” – Kiera Smalls
“Most women in this society, and in this industry, now want to lift up other women.” – Diane Jenet

On Beliefs, Trust, and Evidence in Health:

Trust is broken in many facets of our society, and health and wellness is no exception. Learn how Kiera and Diane think about trust when it comes to the health and fitness choices they make and how evidence from research can make a difference.