The Platform
ProofPilot helps clinical teams become the sponsor of choice by reducing burden on sites and patients through an intuitive digital platform. Our configurable workflow automation streamlines study execution and improves stakeholder experiences via a proprietary three-pronged approach.
For Sites
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Save time and simplify the complex.
Group 3067
Do more research.
For Patients
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Retain patients.
Group 512
Easy participation.
For Sponsors
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Save time & costs.
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High-quality data & operational insight.
The Experiences
ProofPilot’s features aim to enhance site staff operations and patient engagement by fully digitalizing study workflows with its SiteCoPilot and PatientCoPilot products.
For Sites
Eliminate Protocol Variability From Site To Site.​
Site Guidance
Automate study procedures for consistent, efficient research protocols.
Site Knowledgebase
Accelerate site activation and training with instant access to critical study protocols, manuals, and materials.
Site Chat
Reduce delays and unblock bottlenecks by connecting sites and sponsors in real time.
For Patients
Control The Controllables Of The Patient Journey​.
Patient Guidance
Boost engagement and adherence through automated, diversity-driven workflows
Patient Knowledgebase
Empower patients with on-demand access to critical study content.
Patient Chat
Maintain participant engagement and study compliance through secure, HIPAA-approved communication channels.
Pioneering a new standard in clinical trials
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Culturally Tailored
Execute on your diversity principles with content that truly resonates.
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Resource Optimized
Automate trial tasks to improve resource use across complex workflows.
Simulate and test site and patient experiences to validate trial design and reduce pre-launch risks.
Pioneering a new standard in Clinical Trials
Customer, Top 10 Sponsor
ProofPilot really helped make my study easier to conduct for sites. I managed far less queries, technology updates were on time, and saw better data quality overall.
ProofPilot-Recruitment-CoordinatorFlourish Research
Coordinator, Flourish Research

"I would love to use ProofPilot in other studies. It is much more efficient… especially when you have multiple studies going on."

Participant, Top 5 Pharma Trial

I really like being presented with what you got to do and how to plan for it. It feels less overwhelming that way.”