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Lilly Enjoys Cost Savings, Accessibility, and Agility with ProofPilot

A DCT was designed and conducted in ProofPilot Rx, enrolling 300 patients with Migraine and Tension Headache for digital biomarker exploration, using BYOD. As a true SaaS solution, ProofPilot Rx delivered enormous cost savings, accessibility, and agility.

In only 8 days of active recruitment, the trial was enrolled and collected the following data types in a BYOD model:
DOWNLOAD case studynull
  • nulleConsent
  • nullePRO
  • nullWearable sensor data
  • nullLocal weather (temp, precipitation,
    barometric pressure, air quality)
  • nullLocation
image 7

Other Metrics

  • nullCost: 67% less as compared to a leading digital CRO
  • nullOperating System: Android (49.8%) / iOS (50.2%)
  • nullDevice Type: nearly 100% utilized both Mobile and Desktop
  • nullePRO Compliance: >80%.        

Data Collection

Group (1)

Device Agnostic

Respect patient preference by allowing BYOD, Desktop or provisioned devices to be used to collect data

Group (2)-1

Digital Doctor Bag

Create a seamless, passive data collection experience for the patient with integration of wearables and connected devices

Group (3)

ePRO and eDiary

Easily configure a wide variety of validated and custom measures for patients affordably

Preview, Simulate and Pressure Test the Experience

Ensure site and patient buy in before you launch, and eliminate protocol amendments due to operability issues