Protocol Automation Platform

Where You’re Going, You Won’t Need Protocols

Transform Your Study Into An All-in-One Digital Protocol Automation Platform

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Lilly Enjoys Cost Savings, Accessibility, and Agility with ProofPilot

A study was designed and conducted for Migraine and Tension Headache exploration utilizing Co-Pilots. As a true SaaS solution, ProofPilot delivered enormous cost savings, accessibility, & agility.

  • → Feasibility & Planning
  • → Prior to Launch Simulation
  • → Patient Retention
  • → Site Staff Compliance
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Other Metrics

  • → Less than 5% of Patient drop outs
  • → Achieved 90% of DEI goal
  • → 88% Compliance by Site Staff
  • → >65% in savings in PM costs 

The Protocol Automation Platform

Deploys workflows for clinical procedures, technology coordination, and data collection

No matter the task - an SMS message, notification to a pharmacist, log into a 3rd party portal, clinical procedure - make sure it happens when you want it.

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Automate your orchestrated activities between and amongst roles

Save time and effort through intelligent automation in a one to one, one to many, many to one or many to many context.

Simulate and test both patient and site views

Ensure site and patient buy in before you launch and eliminate protocol amendments due to operability issues.


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Web Apps deploy seamlessly and affordably to sites and patients

No expensive apps to pay for or OS requirements to navigate.

It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Right

For Sites

Expect flawless execution of study conduct


For Patients

Delight your participants with a personalized, effortless experience