ProofPilot | Design, Launch & Participate in Studies

About ProofPilot

It’s time for clinical trials to catch up with the rest of the world. And that’s exactly what ProofPilot is designed to do

Who benefits from ProofPilot

Our chief aim is to determine what works – and what doesn’t – to improve personal and societal health. ProofPilot is for anyone to design, launch, participate, and engage in research studies.

ProofPilot is made for Researchers at leading pharmaceutical companies. It is made for Entrepreneurs who created a potentially life-changing product and they aim to prove it works. It is made for Communities that want to help the less fortunate.

ProofPilot is made for all of us

Most importantly, we made ProofPilot for patients. The platform was designed with the participant in mind, with an engaging experience for each person from the beginning of their health journey, to uncover potential solutions for their wellbeing.

Our Story

Many monumental events occurred in 2012. The curiosity rover landed on Mars. India claimed its first polio-free year. London hosted the Olympics. And yep, you guessed it: we launched the first version of ProofPilot.

Before launching ProofPilot, our founders worked at a consulting firm. Our focus was to help institutions develop different online HIV prevention strategies in the United States, targeting gay men. The studies were ahead of their time for being hosted on open-source software, but there were serious issues.

We were frustrated at the cost & time-intensive tasks it took to launch even one study (before ProofPilot, a study could take years to kick-off). The problems didn’t end there, though. We were unsettled at the time at how patients were treated in the study – they were an afterthought! More often than not, at the end of a clinical trial, they were completely forgotten and left in the dark.

If these institutions really wanted to find what works to improve personal and societal health, in a cost effective and timely way, something had to change. And that’s how ProofPilot was born. We initially created it to solve our own problems, and in the process of doing so, we created a solution that makes research affordable, accessible, engaging, and – dare we say it – fun.

A Brief History of ProofPilot


ProofPilot Was Born

CEO & founder Matthew Amsden took a leap of faith and founded ProofPilot, before clinical trials were typically done online


Esther Dyson Joins

Prolific futurist and health investor Esther Dyson joins forces with ProofPilot, in effort to fast track health in the U.S. and world


Next-level Studies

In 2019, some epic studies launched in traditional health, wellness, and influencer worlds, such as Dr. Hyman, Eli Lilly, Elysium, and Take Care of


Just Getting Started

ProofPilot announces its series B investment from Mitsui, the same investors behind GoBalto, NovaQuest and the Beyond Meat IPO