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Test Alternative Remedies with the Gold Standard

Medicine makes decisions based on solid evidence. Use the RCT to get natural and alternative remedies the credibility they deserve.

Studies previously only possible with huge budgets and specialized skills made as easy as managing a blog


Design a Study

Use ProofPilot's visual protocl designer. No need big budgets, no IT (and the PhD is optional).


Engage Participants

Launch to participants across any device and even in-person.


Review Results

Get your results in an easy to understand format, or download for advanced analysis

Create a Study by Filling in the Blanks

Start with a task template, the most basic element of a ProofPilot Study

Pain Effects Scale

Effect of a pain on the quality of life
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Quality of Life Numeric Assesment (10-level scale)

A subjective measure of quality of life with one question and 10-level assesment
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Nutrition Quality of life

This is an instrument for measuring QoL related to nutrition in the general population. It is arguable that modification of diet, given its potential for positive health outcomes, should be widely advocated and adopted. However, food intake, as a basic human need, and its modification may be accompanied ...
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