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Romantic Disinterest (Simms’ Personality Disorder Scales Static Form)

This scale reflects a general lack of interest in, desire for, and enjoyment of sex, eroticism, and interpersonal intimacy.
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Youth Risk Behavioral Surveillance Survey: Questions About Sex

This is a subsection of the 2017 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS) questionnaire pulling out questions on sexual activity, risks, and non-consensual sexual violence.  ProofPilot made minor updates to the questions to be more inclusive of sexual minorities. While this assessment may be written for "youth," the ...
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Your Attitudes and Awareness of HIV & AIDS

In an effort to find/create a fairly universal assessment on attitudes of HIV/AIDS that would be equally applicable in a rural African and Urban America, we came upon a questionnaire available on the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Zimbabwe website. There is no attribution, but we believe it may ...
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Sexual Risk Scale

This scale is an adaption of a self-assessed study sexual risk scale. The adaption updates an agree, undecided, disagree to various options that better suit the statement. The scale is best suited to single partners as it does not assess whether an individual is in a monogamous committed ...
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Sexual Satisfaction Scale

Satisfaction in sexual life
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