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The Efficient and Fun Randomized Controlled Trial

The gold standard for scientific design for determining what works to improve health and wellness. Medicine, wellness, behavior change, lifestyle change, education … the applications are endless.

Studies previously only possible with huge budgets and specialized skills made as easy as managing a blog


Design a Study

Use ProofPilot's visual protocl designer. No need big budgets, no IT (and the PhD is optional).


Engage Participants

Launch to participants across any device and even in-person.


Review Results

Get your results in an easy to understand format, or download for advanced analysis

Create a Study by Filling in the Blanks

Start with a task template, the most basic element of a ProofPilot Study

Electronic Medical Record Integration

This new ProofPilot integration dramatically reduces the organizational barriers associated with EMR data. It requires almost no engagement with complex hospital bureaucracies. In the worst case, it requires a simple call to a customer service line so a participant can get a secure invite code. Participants from around ...
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Online Measurement Activity

The ProofPilot Online Measurement Activity functionality allows you as a study designer to send participants in a study to an external website to complete a measurement or assessment activity. Online measurement activities are very simple study tasks. It's best used when you want to send someone to an ...
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A clinically useful depression outcome scale

There is a variety of rating scales for symptoms of depression, and the Clinically Useful Depression Outcome Scale (CUDOS) is one of them. One of the advantages of CUDOS over the well known Beck depression inventory (BDI) is that this one can be used freely for research purposes.
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Oxford Happiness Scale

Happiness and the term more commonly used in psychology, subjective well-being, are frequently studied in the field of psychology (including in positive psychology) and related applied areas, such as social care.
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