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Measure the Impact of Gratitude and Thankfulness

Studies suggest that gratitude can reduce pain and depression, and increase general wellness and productivity. Whether it’s a gratitude journal or holiday event, measure the impacts of gratitude on important aspects of health and wellness.

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Oxford Happiness Scale

Happiness and the term more commonly used in psychology, subjective well-being, are frequently studied in the field of psychology (including in positive psychology) and related applied areas, such as social care.
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The Gratitude Questionnaire

Gratitude is a "generalized tendency to recognize and respond with grateful emotion to the roles of other people's benevolence in the positive experiences and outcomes that one obtains" (McCullough et al., 2002). This questionnaire, which is quite similar to the Gratitude Value in Action Scale. It asks the ...
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Pain Effects Scale

Effect of a pain on the quality of life
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A clinically useful depression outcome scale

There is a variety of rating scales for symptoms of depression, and the Clinically Useful Depression Outcome Scale (CUDOS) is one of them. One of the advantages of CUDOS over the well known Beck depression inventory (BDI) is that this one can be used freely for research purposes.
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Perceived Stress Scale

Psychological stress has been defined as the extent to which persons perceive (appraise) that their demands exceed their ability to cope.
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Quality of Life Numeric Assesment (10-level scale)

A subjective measure of quality of life with one question and 10-level assesment
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Sense of Community Index

A Sense of community (or psychological sense of community) is a concept in community psychology, social psychology, and community social work, as well as in several other research disciplines, such as urban sociology, which focuses on the experience of community rather than its structure, formation, setting, or other features. ...
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Gratitude (Values in action)

This questionnaire asks the participant questions about being aware of and thankful for the good things that happen. The assessment asks the participant to respond to statements by choosing on a five-point scale ranging from very inaccurate to very accurate. Questions include, but are not limited to: Express my thanks ...
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