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Determine Which Weight-loss Plans Work

The obesity rate in the US tripled from 1990 to 2017, leading down a path of increased risk for many preventable diseases. Experiment and evaluate initiatives to lose weight.

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Symptoms of Hypothyroid Questionnaire

Do you have difficulty losing weight? Maybe you have problems concentrating. Or maybe you tend to suffer from constipation. Hair loss? Sensitivity to cold? These are all symptoms of Hypothyroidism. Take our Hypothyroid test and see how you score!
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Nutrition Quality of life

This is an instrument for measuring QoL related to nutrition in the general population. It is arguable that modification of diet, given its potential for positive health outcomes, should be widely advocated and adopted. However, food intake, as a basic human need, and its modification may be accompanied ...
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Body image quality of life

An assessment that quantifies the effects of one's body image on various self-experiences and life contexts.
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General Practice Physical Activity Questionnaire

This is not standardized questionnaire used by National Health Service in England for screening individual physical activity in common life.
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Self Physical attractiveness

This instrument instructs participants to rate their overall physical attractiveness, facial attractiveness, body weight or size, body shape or figure, and height
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