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The ProofPilot Video Intro Series

At ProofPilot, our goal is to make it as easy to design and launch a clinical trial, evaluation or other kinds of human subjects research study as it is to manage a blog post.

Self-service is a big part of that. So, armed with Camtasia Studio and Wistia, we’ve released the first three videos in an ongoing series.

It used to take months of training to learn how to design a study. Then you needed data specialists. If you wanted to run your study with the efficiency and patient centricity technology makes possible, you needed to hire developers. The expense, time and complexity start to add up.

With this first video series, all that should take no more than 15 minutes.

The first of the three videos introduces the ProofPilot in general. The visual protocol design language, the study task, how the study task turns into a participant experience, and data analysis visualization.

If you know anything about ProofPilot, you know every ProofPilot study is made up of a series of study tasks. The second video in this intro series gives you all the details on how to create and edit study tasks in ProofPilot.

All this is great, but first, you have to enroll participants in your study. ProofPilot includes a whole host of recruitment and engagement features (that’ll be the subject of another training series). At the very basic level, ProofPilot requires every study task have four Recruitment and Join tasks. This video will show you what those four tasks are, and how to use them. From there you can tailor the experience to support various enrollment options, including in-person and self-service recruitment.

In a total of less than 12 minutes, these videos cover everything that our traditional customer onboarding process did in about an hour. We hope this gets you familiar and up and running with ProofPilot quickly. And, when you talk to us, we can jump right into the good stuff relating to your specific study.

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