Participant Study Schedules & Calendars

January 7, 2019

With the new “What’s Next” participants can see an upcoming study schedule. The release is designed to improve participant engagement, retention and reduce missed study tasks. It’s the New Year. Everyone is setting predictions about the year ahead. With ProofPilot’s first release of 2019, we’re going one better. ProofPilot automatically calculates “What’s Next” based on…

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How ProofPilot Uses Micro-Interactions To Make Designing A Research Study Easy And Visual

November 17, 2016

ProofPilot’s visual protocol design language makes it as easy to design and launch a research study as it is to manage a blog. ProofPilot’s purpose is to make it as easy to design a research protocol and launch a study as it is to write a blog post. That means being able design a study easily,…

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Introducing Research Study Templates

November 16, 2016

Everyone has questions about what works to improve our health, our relationships, and our society. But, very few of us are career researchers. We don’t necessarily have the perfect scientifically valid study ready to put into design and launch. Even those of us with a little research experience — any time savings designing a study is much…

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