Is the Tech Industry the Trojan Horse for Gay Rights Around the World?

December 19, 2016

In the US, over the past decade, LGBT rights has progressed dramatically. However, progress in other parts of the world has been slow. Today, while the United Nations blocked an attempt by anti-LGBT countries in Africa to end the post of UN Independent Expert to monitor violence and discrimination against LGBT individuals, the vote was…

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Why a Native Mobile App Isn’t Central to Our Strategy and Shouldn’t Be for Yours Either

December 5, 2016

There are more than two million apps on the Apple App Store and, just last year, it was reported that iPhone users clocked in over 100 billion downloads since the launch of iOS in 2008. With those kind of stats, it would seem an an iPhone and Android app would solve almost any user engagement…

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What #DigitalHealth Can Learn from the Fight Against HIV/AIDS

December 1, 2016

HIV researchers were among the first professionals to create health solutions using consumer technology. Since the HIV epidemic began in the early 80s, gay men have been among the highest risk groups for HIV infection. And because gay men are also early technology adopters, researchers were able to bring their studies online to meet the…

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Why ‘Coming Out’ Means More Than Being Gay In Tech

October 11, 2016

The fact that being gay opened unique opportunities for me personally and professionally is the ultimate success story for the tech industry achieving equality and diversity for innovation. Diversity in tech is something that everyone agrees that there needs to be more of — more women, more minorities, more perspective. Diversity helps create better products and stronger…

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