When New Trump ‘Policies’ Denigrate Your Startup’s Purpose

December 19, 2017

ProofPilot is an online platform to design, launch and participate in research studies that determine what works to improve human health and wellness. These techniques the randomized controlled trial, longitudinal outcome study, and programmatic evaluation are essential to identify “evidence-based” practices, programs, treatments campaigns. “Evidence-based” means that these initiatives have reasonable and verifiable proof they…

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How is ProofPilot Different than ResearchKit?

April 18, 2017

Apple stoked the imaginations of researchers everywhere with the possibilities presented by ResearchKit, the open source development framework for iPhone research studies. But almost two years after introduction, the platform has few studies with much traction. Is ResearchKit really changing the world of research? Or is it all just Apple-branded buzz? Apple is the world’s…

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On Demand in Late Adopter Industries

February 2, 2017

How ProofPilot made “on-demand” and “self-service” part of it’s DNA, and in the process is changing the research world. It’s difficult to escape the on-demand economy. With Amazon Prime, you can live in the middle of nowhere and get almost anything within a couple of days. At an airport in Mongolia? With Netflix, you can binge…

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