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ProofPilot’s Steps Towards Radical Transparency

January 16, 2019

Radical transparency describes actions and approaches that open organizational processes and data. Startups like Buffer share top financial info and specific department-wide results every quarter. YouTube stars, Kara and Nate, publish quarterly results as the travel the world with their video cameras. I run a startup. ProofPilot is a platform to design, launch and manage…

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Automatically Append (and Track) Redeem Codes to URLs

June 26, 2018

One of the most commonly used interventional tools on ProofPilot is the promocode, or coupon code task template. The most frequent use case is to provide study participants free or highly discounted access to an important item for the study. It can also be used to provide rewards. Many study designers use the code to…

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More ProofPilot Guidance and Resources

June 22, 2018

Those of us who started ProofPilot share very different backgrounds. But they share a similarity. We left research firms, academia, and service organizations because they were slow. Technology, the media, and consumers move quickly. We wanted to be able to respond with research tools fast enough to make the most of what was available. The…

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ProofPilot Goal Updates and What’s Next?

June 20, 2018

ProofPilot has some lofty goals. We’re not interested in being another electronic data capture system. We feel the world of research needs real change. The most disruptive startups don’t only create cool products. They upend business models. Salesforce created the software as a service subscription model. That replaced the old enterprise software contract. Uber, Airbnb,…

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5 Lessons We Haven’t Learned Yet from the Theranos Scandal

June 19, 2018

Theranos will go down as the early 21st century’s biggest healthcare fraud. It is epic on the level of Uber’s toxic culture. Founder and CEO Elizabeth Holms built partnerships with major health behemoths. They raised money for their innovative blood testing device from experienced investors. It was all a sham. There are plenty of explanations…

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What ProofPilot Isn’t

February 14, 2018

It’s often insightful to watch friends as they build their startups. Sometimes you see mistakes you’ve already made. Sometimes, you get tips for things you should have done. Earlier today, a good friend Toby Hervey, CEO of Bravely, wrote a post that resonated with me. “What Bravely Isn’t.” Why didn’t I share something like this…

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When New Trump ‘Policies’ Denigrate Your Startup’s Purpose

December 19, 2017

ProofPilot is an online platform to design, launch and participate in research studies that determine what works to improve human health and wellness. These techniques the randomized controlled trial, longitudinal outcome study, and programmatic evaluation are essential to identify “evidence-based” practices, programs, treatments campaigns. “Evidence-based” means that these initiatives have reasonable and verifiable proof they…

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How is ProofPilot Different than ResearchKit?

April 18, 2017

Apple stoked the imaginations of researchers everywhere with the possibilities presented by ResearchKit, the open source development framework for iPhone research studies. But almost two years after introduction, the platform has few studies with much traction. Is ResearchKit really changing the world of research? Or is it all just Apple-branded buzz? Apple is the world’s…

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Why ProofPilot Isn’t Blue

March 9, 2017

A discussion between Matthew Amsden and Dustin Woehrmann on how the ProofPilot brand and logo came to be — and why it’s a big departure from healthcare and human service brands as usual. Matthew Amsden (CEO and Founder of ProofPilot): I was on an airplane one day, seated in the middle seat in coach on a cross-country flight.…

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Is Silicon Valley About to Democratize Academic Health Research?

March 6, 2017

#ResearchTech: An emerging group of venture backed tech companies are disrupting a $100 billion dollar sector and improving our lives with faster, and cheaper scientific evidence. We’ve all seen venture-backed tech companies eliminate barriers and transform our culture. Kickstarter allows anyone to support creative projects, not just wealthy benefactors. Blogging tools, YouTube, and Instagram allows…

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