Why It’s Easier To Get People To Vote Than To Participate In Research

November 7, 2016

During the 2012 election, 40% of eligible Americans didn’t vote. That’s far worse than in countries as diverse as Sweden, New Zealand, the UK, Mexico and Turkey. The reasons are eerily similar to why people don’t participate in research studies — while most people agree that participating in research studies is important, very few actually do so.…

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Healing America’s Political Divide with Randomized Controlled Trials

October 20, 2016

If the United States itself is the Great Experiment, then the solutions to our society’s problems lie not in unpleasant political discourse — but in hundreds, or thousands of controlled experiments. Like a lot of people, I find myself stunned by the anger and unpleasantness in this election cycle. It’s more combative, emotional and dramatic than a…

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Why ‘Coming Out’ Means More Than Being Gay In Tech

October 11, 2016

The fact that being gay opened unique opportunities for me personally and professionally is the ultimate success story for the tech industry achieving equality and diversity for innovation. Diversity in tech is something that everyone agrees that there needs to be more of — more women, more minorities, more perspective. Diversity helps create better products and stronger…

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