Service Design

Now ProofPilot Supports In-Person Study Activities Too

May 28, 2017

Run studies that include the efficiency of anytime anywhere participant self-service AND real-life human interactions in health and wellness. At ProofPilot, We’ve always had a mission to enable studies “in the real world.” Like a lot of folks in the venture-backed tech world, naively, that used to mean leveraging technology to make everything as self-service…

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How ProofPilot Uses Micro-Interactions To Make Designing A Research Study Easy And Visual

November 17, 2016

ProofPilot’s visual protocol design language makes it as easy to design and launch a research study as it is to manage a blog. ProofPilot’s purpose is to make it as easy to design a research protocol and launch a study as it is to write a blog post. That means being able design a study easily,…

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