Public Health

Why is “Evidence-Based” Such a Controversial Term?

December 17, 2017

According to the Washington Post, the Trump Administration is prohibiting the CDC from using several words or phrases in future budget documents. Banning the words “fetus,” “transgender,” “diversity,” and “vulnerable.” is being met with widespread outrage (as it, of course, should be). Likewise, public health researchers, like their associates at the EPA are enraged that…

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This Simple Question Could Unlock Americas Health Crisis

August 6, 2017

America is in the grip of a massive health crisis that has nothing to do with Washington. With one simple question, we could unlock the surprising underlying issues that lead to some of our greatest public health issues. In any public space, a lot of us look around and see obesity and lifestyle diseases everywhere.…

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Defining Success: 4 Key Measurements That Go Beyond Revenue

November 13, 2016

Successful leaders understand that their company’s success is closely tied to the overall happiness, health and wellbeing of the communities they serve and the constituents that help keep their operations running. Fortune 500 companies and startups alike are going beyond “employees as stakeholders,” and making them owners as well. Additionally, many consumer brands have advertising…

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The Case for Evaluation Even When Money is Tight

January 28, 2016

Running a health improvement program without evaluation is like managing a business without a cash register, accounting system or budget. Businesses succeed and fail based on maximizing cash in and minimizing cash out. But when your goals are to improve health and wellness just counting cash doesn’t cut it. Your success goes beyond financial profit.…

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