Creating Clinical Trial Participant Personas to Improve Recruitment & Retention

April 7, 2019

One of our key goals at ProofPilot support research studies participants actually enjoy engaging in (or at least mitigate the stress for those participants who are in a study because they are ill). A key component of creating such a study is determining who your trial participants are. That means beyond their particular interest in your…

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Why ProofPilot Isn’t Blue

March 9, 2017

A discussion between Matthew Amsden and Dustin Woehrmann on how the ProofPilot brand and logo came to be — and why it’s a big departure from healthcare and human service brands as usual. Matthew Amsden (CEO and Founder of ProofPilot): I was on an airplane one day, seated in the middle seat in coach on a cross-country flight.…

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5 Questions a Survey Can’t Answer, but ProofPilot Can

January 23, 2017

Way back in the olden days, to run a survey, you hired a survey research firm like Gallup, Nielsen or Harris. Now, with tools like SurveyMonkey, anyone can launch a survey across the web. Today there’s a survey measuring every opinion, topic, experience and issue imaginable. But, if your questions fall into one of these…

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Why It’s Easier To Get People To Vote Than To Participate In Research

November 7, 2016

During the 2012 election, 40% of eligible Americans didn’t vote. That’s far worse than in countries as diverse as Sweden, New Zealand, the UK, Mexico and Turkey. The reasons are eerily similar to why people don’t participate in research studies — while most people agree that participating in research studies is important, very few actually do so.…

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