Feature Release

Participant Study Schedules & Calendars

January 7, 2019

With the new “What’s Next” participants can see an upcoming study schedule. The release is designed to improve participant engagement, retention and reduce missed study tasks. It’s the New Year. Everyone is setting predictions about the year ahead. With ProofPilot’s first release of 2019, we’re going one better. ProofPilot automatically calculates “What’s Next” based on…

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Calculated Data Elements in ProofPilot

January 2, 2019

If you know anything about ProofPilot, you know we’re about more than data. ProofPilot study tasks might be rewards, informational givebacks, or even interventions. But, data collection remains an integral part of ProofPilot. Previously collected data trigger later tasks. That previously collected data could be participant self-report. It could be pooled from external data sources…

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Infrastructure & Formatting Release

November 25, 2018

ProofPilot might not look that different to you this morning. But, behind the scenes, it’s supported now by an entirely different infrastructure. That infrastructure is more secure, more scalable, more disaster resilient, and sets us up for some really exciting releases (and a game-changing partnership) in 2019. We’ll tell you more about that partnership in…

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ProofPilot Air Traffic Control Release: Additional Rule Triggers

October 30, 2018

Yes, sometimes we struggle a bit to find airline industry lingo to name our product releases. This wasn’t one of those times. Like an automated air traffic controller, the ProofPilot rules engine makes sure that every study task arrives and expires at the right time under the right conditions. New and Updated Rule Trigger Options The…

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ProofPilot in Different Languages

August 14, 2018

Desktop Localization in Hindi Different cultures, behaviors and environments can have a big impact on health outcomes. Research participants come from all walks of life. They speak different languages. ProofPilot wants to support all of them as they participate in clinical trials and health outcome studies. We’ve teased it for a while on our twitter feed.…

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ProofPilot Embraer ERJ-145 Release: Supporting Quick Turn Around Tasks

August 7, 2018

The glamorous glory days of the airline industry inspired the ProofPilot brand. And while air travel today is hardly a glamorous experience, we still sometimes take the air travel references into our operations. For example, we often name our functionality releases on different aircraft types and air industry activities. Recently, we’ve had a number of…

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Next Generation Survey Skip Patterns

August 6, 2018

ProofPilot task activation and expiration criteria creates complex user flows. Trigger study tasks based on previously collected data, behavior, arm assignment … The results of this complex logic show up on your study flow page. Now this same feature is available for questions within surveys. Many people now this feature as “survey skip patterns.” But, these…

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How ProofPilot Sets Development Priorities

July 27, 2018

ProofPilot believes, almost religiously, that designing a research study should be as easy as managing a blog. It should be inexpensive. Participation in that study should be an entertainment activity. (Or, at least mitigate the stress of participation for those that are ill.) Those are lofty goals. While we have a good foundation, we haven’t…

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Automatically Append (and Track) Redeem Codes to URLs

June 26, 2018

One of the most commonly used interventional tools on ProofPilot is the promocode, or coupon code task template. The most frequent use case is to provide study participants free or highly discounted access to an important item for the study. It can also be used to provide rewards. Many study designers use the code to…

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Squashing June Bugs

June 26, 2018

June is the month for fixing and addressing issues and annoyances. Here are some highlights available now on both the ProofPilot participant and researcher experiences. Researcher Updates– Fixed a bug where survey previews combined answer options from multiple questions– Removed “Yes/No” survey question option, use Single choice question instead.– Correctly labeled “Likert Sliding Scale” – Made…

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