How Designing a Study on ProofPilot is Like Composing a Piece of Music

August 9, 2017

At ProofPilot, we often get the question: “How can you support studies in so many different topic areas?” The answer is in the structure provided by the ProofPilot study protocol design language. Like an interactive sheet of blank music paper, the study design language has a defined structure that can be filled in to accomplish…

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Why ProofPilot Isn’t Blue

March 9, 2017

A discussion between Matthew Amsden and Dustin Woehrmann on how the ProofPilot brand and logo came to be — and why it’s a big departure from healthcare and human service brands as usual. Matthew Amsden (CEO and Founder of ProofPilot): I was on an airplane one day, seated in the middle seat in coach on a cross-country flight.…

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How ProofPilot Uses Micro-Interactions To Make Designing A Research Study Easy And Visual

November 17, 2016

ProofPilot’s visual protocol design language makes it as easy to design and launch a research study as it is to manage a blog. ProofPilot’s purpose is to make it as easy to design a research protocol and launch a study as it is to write a blog post. That means being able design a study easily,…

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Introducing Research Study Templates

November 16, 2016

Everyone has questions about what works to improve our health, our relationships, and our society. But, very few of us are career researchers. We don’t necessarily have the perfect scientifically valid study ready to put into design and launch. Even those of us with a little research experience — any time savings designing a study is much…

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