30 Day Dietary Behavior Recall | Study Task

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Dietary habits are a key variable in health. Dietary recall is the process of recording what participants have eaten. It can be an honorous process for participants and expensive for researchers.  There are various dietary recall tools, including the ASA24. The ASA24 collects self-report data on what a person ate over the past 24 hours. Assessments show automated self-report recall is effective and preferred by participants.1
ProofPilot wanted a behavior assessment that measured dietary behaviors over a longer period. We all know that one 24 hour period may not be representative of our general dietary behavior. An impulse buy, a special dinner or other unique events can create major day to day eating changes. Many ProofPilot studies focus on dietary behavior change over long periods. We felt a less exact recall of eating behaviors over 30 days would be preferable.
The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey assesses American’s health and nutritional status. Also know as NHANES, it combines interviews and physical examinations. The National Center for Health Statistics, part of the CDC, has conducted the study since the 1960s.   In the late 1990s, the survey became continuous. It includes over 5,000 people a year and is able to measure changes across time. 
NHANES measures a large number of variables. This study task is the dietary recall section. ProofPilot has made slight adaptions. For example, we added a question about eating meals outside the home. Otherwise, the dietary behavior assessment is consistent with the CDC version. Researchers may compare their data with nationwide samples.

What the study task looks like

On ProofPilot you can update the study intro page, and make any changes you’d like to the survey. By default, questions in this task follow a consistent format. Here’s some examples of what the task looks like by default. 
NHANES Dietary Recall Intro  
During the past month, how often did you eat any kind of fried potatoes, including french fries, home fries, or hash brown potatoes?
  • Never
  • 1 time last month
  • 2-3 times last month
  • 1 time per week
  • 2 times per week
  • 3-4 times per week
  • 5-6 times per week
  • Once per day
  • 2 or more times per day

How You Can Use This Task in a Study

The NHANES Dietary Recall assessment can be very useful in a wide range of studies. Does a general diet change over time with specific education efforts? How does a diet affect a wide range of health outcomes? On ProofPilot, the NHANES Dietary recall is typically repeated over time to measure change. (Learn more about repeating study tasks on ProofPilot).
Park Y, Dodd K, Kipnis V, et al. Comparison of self-reported dietary intakes from the Automated Self-Administered 24-h recall, 4-d food records, and food-frequency questionnaires against recovery biomarkers. Am J Clin Nutr. 2018;107(1):80-93. [PubMed]

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