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Participant Study Schedules & Calendars

With the new “What’s Next” participants can see an upcoming study schedule. The release is designed to improve participant engagement, retention and reduce missed study tasks.

It’s the New Year. Everyone is setting predictions about the year ahead. With ProofPilot’s first release of 2019, we’re going one better.

ProofPilot automatically calculates “What’s Next” based on your study design. The list sets expectations at the end of any series of study tasks. Participants can see their upcoming tasks at any time in ProofPilot (either on the desktop or mobile versions).

ProofPilot is a participant-centered research platform. Setting future expectations improves engagement. But, there’s always limited budgets and time. Researchers have to think about study design validity. You’ve got to ensure you’ve got the data to answer your question. In traditional studies, participants can sometimes be an afterthought.

This is one of those key ProofPilot features that lets researchers be researchers. As a researcher, there’s nothing you need to do. ProofPilot does all the calculation for you based on your study design.

Other Notable Changes in this Release

It’s only been a week since our last release, so the changes are few but important.

  • Improved keyboard usability for iOS and Android users on the login/registration page.
  • Addressed issue when study collaborators changed data collection plans in trial accounts.
  • Answer option image select in data collection elements usability fix

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