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Squashing June Bugs

June is the month for fixing and addressing issues and annoyances. Here are some highlights available now on both the ProofPilot participant and researcher experiences.

Researcher Updates
– Fixed a bug where survey previews combined answer options from multiple questions
– Removed “Yes/No” survey question option, use Single choice question instead.
– Correctly labeled “Likert Sliding Scale” 
– Made arm headers on the study recruitment page persistent for studies with a long number of tasks
– Improved handling of repeating data in data downloads
– Improved rule rap formatting in the activation and expiration (aka rules) page of setting up and editing tasks
– Eliminated bug that deleted tasks when repeat is set to zero
– Corrected various typos and spelling errors.

Participant Updates
– When inviting a participant via the proctor feature, ProofPIlot will only send an invite and In-person serve access e-mail when the participant has officially joined the study. 
– Updated layouts to better include languages with more text characters. 
– Improved layout of GDRP notifications.
– Improved photo upload participant experience
– Made various improvements to the task list user experience for better customer experience.
– Updated on the fly e-mail verification with better prompts for study proctors
– Various improvements to the participant registration process when invited by a study professional.
– Removed a bug where e-mail and SMS messages alerting individuals of a reward were going to a page that didn’t include the reward redeem code. 
– Fixed a bug with enrollment totals on the study recruitment page. 
– Improved the layout of expiration e-mails
– Added prompts for new Android users to install ProofPilot
– Improved SMS/E-mail experience directing users into Android app
– Added iPhone and Android splash screens for a full native-like experience
– Corrected various typos and spelling errors.

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