Research & innovation doesn't only happen in big cities.

Evaluate programs and treatments designed specifically for your community.  Prove what works, establish credibility and unlock resources only available to evidence based programs & treatments.

Design a Study
Run studies  to determine what works to improve community health and wellness in Rural America

Design a study

Engage Participants

Review Results

Create a scientifically valid study without a big budget, no IT (and the PhD is optional).

Entertain and engage as participants discover solutions, earn rewards and learn.

Review easy to understand findings without a statistician. Take action immediately.

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Get reimbursed. Attract grant funding. Improve outcomes in your community. Run a study without massive resources and get your innovations, treatments, and initiatives the attention they deserve.

What can you do with ProofPilot in Rural America?

Innovate, Test and Manage Food Security Programs.

Accessibility exacerbates the typical socio-demographic issues associated with healthy food choices. Test new approaches to solve the issue. 

Evaluate Outcomes for Opioid Treatment Initiatives

Opioid deaths are a chronic issue in rural America. Discover solutions and test efficacy of new treatment modalities, prevention services, and recovery supports. 

Deploy and Study Weight Loss Management Efforts

Rural communities are more likely to experience obesity than those in urban centers. Test culturally relevant lifestyle change programs to shed the pounds.

Test Programs to Prevent Adverse Childhood Events

Childhood adverse events may lead to a host of physical and mental problems later in life. Test parenting programs to create a healthy future for Maine.

Evaluate Initiatives to Prevent Chronic Disease

Diabetes is 10% higher in higher in rural areas. Heart Disease, nearly 40% higher. Get in early. Evaluate community programs to prevent illness.

Innovate and Evaluate Chronic Disease Management

Persistent and ongoing health issues make up the majority of healthcare costs in rural America. Evaluate locally relevant solutions.

Design a Study

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Design a Study
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