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Review Findings

Sit back and watch the data roll in via realtime insights and management reports.
Get your answers automatically.

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Manage Complex Studies Effortlessly

Spot problems before they become an issue. Are participnats not completing certain study tasks? Are certain recruitment activities not performing? With highly visual reports, you’ll know and can make quick corrections.

See Findings Automatically

As the data comes in, ProofPilot will automatically run basic statistical tests. Are there changes in participants over time? Are there differences in outcomes between arms? If something hits a certain statistical significance, we’ll immediately let you know. That’s a good place to start your analysis.

Data Export that Keeps Participants Anonymous

At any time, export data for more in-depth analysis. The data will be completely stripped of identifying information so participant confidentiality is ensured. But, it will have data collected across the entire study – making real analysis in your favorite statistical tool a quick import.