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ProofPilot Air Traffic Control Release: Additional Rule Triggers

Yes, sometimes we struggle a bit to find airline industry lingo to name our product releases.

This wasn’t one of those times. Like an automated air traffic controller, the ProofPilot rules engine makes sure that every study task arrives and expires at the right time under the right conditions.

New and Updated Rule Trigger Options

The most notable part of this release for researchers is new activation and expiration criteria options. We’ve both simplified, and provided more opportunities to tailor how tasks are issued to participants. As always you can trigger a task based on time of day, the day of the week, date and previously collected data. You can trigger tasks based on the time since it was completed, and how long since it’s been opened and not completed.

And now, you can also trigger a task based on the time elapsed from a previous task, whether it was completed or not.

Native Push Notifications

Also new in this release, when tasks are activated (or almost ready to expire) participants may opt to receive notifications via push notification on Android, Windows (Chrome, Safari & Firefox) and Mac OSX (Chrome & Safari).

ProofPilot will automatically reformat material in your study flow page to alert participants whether their browser or ProofPilot mobile app is open or not.

Minor Updates to the ProofPIlot Task Intro Page Layout

We’ve made minor changes to the participant task intro page. First, we’ve changed the background color. White can sometimes look “unfinished,” so we changed to a muted beige that will still look good against any color scheme you choose.

We’ve also adjusted formatting for some taller mobile devices. ProofPilot is designed to provide all the relevant details (including the “call to action”) on older mobile devices in web mode.

When a user installs the ProofPilot application, particularly on a taller device like Samsung Galaxy 8/9 and iPhone X, it left a lot of empty space at the bottom of the screen. So for those devices, we’ve added some additional breather space to make the page more balanced.

Continuous Likert Sliding Scales

When you add a Likert Slider option, you can identify score markers 0, 50, 100. ProofPilot will record any Participant selection within that scale down to a specificity of .25.

Other fixes and updates

  • New links to the ProofPilot Privacy Policy in the participant “Me” menu.
  • Expiration rules are now copied in repeating tasks.
  • Updates to participant notification preferences

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