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Next Generation Survey Skip Patterns

ProofPilot task activation and expiration criteria creates complex user flows. Trigger study tasks based on previously collected data, behavior, arm assignment … The results of this complex logic show up on your study flow page. Now this same feature is available for questions within surveys. Many people now this feature as “survey skip patterns.”

But, these skip patterns aren’t those you find in Survey Monkey or Qualtrics. They’re designed for the longitudinal interventional trials that ProofPilot is made fore.

Many ProofPilot studies include surveys. These surveys can be long. There’s a constant goal to turn the research study into an entertainment activity. Alternatively, at the very least, mitigate the stress of participating. Filling in endless survey questions is not fun. And it likely increases stress. (I know it does for me).

So, we’ve added rules to show questions within surveys only under certain circumstances. The question “Show Only” uses a very similar set of features as task activation and expiration criteria. Find the survey question you want to show under certain circumstances. Then, complete the sentence.

Anyone familiar with standard survey tools will be asking, “what took you so long?” Others may be asking, “What’s so special about this?”

This goes a bit beyond standard survey skip functionality. Sure, you can use the functionality to create skips within a single survey. That’s standard. ProofPilot goes beyond that. You can also use the functionality based on criteria in other tasks. Is there a data element collected months ago that affects whether you as a question? No problem. Do you want to ask a question only if someone didn’t complete a task a couple of days ago? You can do that. And, in an upcoming release, you’ll be able to “show only” when a participant is in a certain arm.

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