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Finally, Digital Design and Virtual Orchestration for Clinical Research

At ProofPilot, we understand that a true end to end solution starts with a smart designer’s tool with the ability to orchestrate everything. Packed with intelligence and created exclusively for researchers, ProofPilot Rx has all the key features to bring research into the modern age.


Digital Design isn’t only meant to enable DCT Research. It’s meant to enable any Research designed with Quality.

Software as a Service Features

ProofPilot Rx is the industry’s only fully integrated 100% Software as a Service to Design, Build, and Orchestrate clinical research. True software means no people. No people means speed and economy.

ProofPilot Rx combines a powerful, one of a kind Visual Design engine, serving as the front end to a Database Builder and Procedure Orchestrater allowing you to design in an entirely new way, unlocking some amazing capabilities:

Orchestration of procedures

Trigger each procedure using any combination of conditions (data, time, prior response, lab result, logistics activity, etc.)


Realtime pressure testing of the experience

Walk through the study experience as soon as you’re finished designing, from the vantage point of patient, provider, or any active member of the team


Limitless Modeling of design options

Includes scenario modeling of DCT or traditional locations and providers at the procedure level

Simultaneous build of your database

Never wait 6-12 weeks for a database build

APIs for days

Need an API for a third party service or tech? We are happy to set that up at no charge (though we can’t promise your 3rd party will be as generous)

Why is Design the key lynchpin?

Current Tools

Word or PowerPoint are communication tools, not design tools. They do nothing to advance the necessary components to design and execute research.

Require Translation and Handoffs

Because Word is not a design tool, translation and hand offs are necessary. Protocol documents must be thrown over to data management and treated as specs to build a database, only to then later find out that the procedures don’t fit reality.

Which Requires lots of Time and Money

A communication tool like Word requires people to translate it in order to build databases and link up activities. People always cost additional time and money.

The database is built at the precise moment you configure the final procedure

Case Studies

Lilly Digital Health Research

ProofPilot Rx’s web based platform was used for study design, screening, device logistics, participant reimbursement, and data collection.

Fisher Wallace Medical Device

Fisher Wallace chose ProofPilot to conduct three registration studies to study the effectiveness of the Fisher Wallace Stimulator.

See ProofPilot In Action

At ProofPilot, you can schedule a consultation and we can take you through a demo. We’ll show you how to practice some easy use cases. Please use your company email address.