Why We Collect Your Location Data

We collect your location data to better contextualize the data you submit. ProofPilot collects your home zipcode when you sign up. But, many of us travel … a lot. For work, for vacation. It could be across state lines or across the ocean.

Where you are at the moment, can make a big difference in health data. Many people think weather changes trigger migraines. Have dry skin? For many, symptoms improve when the humidity changes. Does a sunny day always put you in a better mood? Do you vacation to a different location to avoid seasonal allergies? Does the air in polluted cities make your asthma worse?

ProofPilot never shares your location with researchers. Instead, we convert your location into weather and environmental data.

So if you’re answering a question about your daily mood, researchers know whether it was pleasant and sunny in your location … or if it was grey and rainy.

Your device and browser manages your sharing preferences.
Sharing your location. ProofPilot will make one attempt to request your location data on every device and browser you use. If you refuse or your browser rejects your request without asking you, that’s OK. We’ll use somewhat less precise tools to identify where you are.

You may adjust your preferences on each browser or application you use:

ProofPilot also uses your location internally to manage fraud. While thankfully rare, location data can sometimes help identify individuals fakes. People who are in studies only for compensation or to actively bias results is no good for anyone.