Trust in Physical Security

ProofPilot is committed to securing the facilities that house our data and protect our employees.

Data Center Security

ProofPilot leverages the AWS data centers in the United States (for production environments) and Germany (for development and staging environments). AWS has significant physical security procedures in place and complies with an extensive and impressive array of security standards. For more information on AWS security, please see this white paper (

Office Security

ProofPilot is a virtual company.  Most employees work from home via internet connected computers accessing ProofPilot assets via virtual private networks and company operational tools (e-mail, calendar, etc.) via dual factor authentication login. All employees must include functionality on their devices to securely manage logins and passwords (Dashlane or LogMein) and also must include an access password to their computer as well. No sensitive material is ever downloaded to a users computer in office or remotely.

ProofPilot does maintain meeting space with the coworking company WeWork. The various offices aronud he world (we typically use meeting space in New York, and Los Angeles) includes both electronic controlled access systems, alarm systems and during normal business hours in New York (where we meet most often) a visitor log system and entry controlled by security guard.