Trust in People

There’s nothing more important at ProofPilot than people: our customers, our participants, and our employees. Our employees, otherwise known as “ProofPilot Crew Members” are selected for their expertise and ethical backbone.

Background Checks

Most crew members at ProofPilot were referred to us by our current team. We believe strongly that like attracts like: our excellent team attracts others qualified candidates with the same ethical and moral code. Still, during the interview process, we press for security and moral awareness.  Where applicable by law we do thorough background checks that include discussions with prior employers and personal references. Where applicable by law we also conduct criminal history checks and education verification.

Research Ethics Training

As part of the employee on-boarding program, all new ProofPilot crew members partake in an on the job research ethics training effort that introduces concepts that not only includes security, but also privacy, and human subject research protections.

Quarterly Security & Ethics Discussions

Given ProofPilot is a small close team where every member interacts with our CEO and Security Officer on a daily basis, security comes up on a regular basis.

On a quarterly basis, the entire team comes together (including IT, marketing, customer support and operations), to bring up new issues relating to human subjects ethical protection and IT security. Members talk about new technologies that may improve our security. We also take a case study approach with recent security issues in the news. We discuss how ProofPilot may mitigate the issue if something similar were to happen to us, and what we can do to make sure it doesn’t.

A Culture that Rewards Proactive Identification of Ethical and Security Weaknesses

ProofPilot’s unique open culture allows other crew members to intervene early and discuss ethical and security lapses before they become an issue. Every crew member has the authority to make tips to our third party institutional review board partner to note issues that concern them from a technical or operational perspective. They can do so without fear. In fact, they will be rewarded by the remainder of the team for identifying and mitigating ethical and security lapses before they become issues.