Trust in Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

ProofPilot uses a variety of tools and mechanisms to ensure resiliency.

Recovery Planning

During our quarterly trust discussions, we often discuss global political and environmental issues that may affect our ability to provide service in various locations. Some of these high-risk considerations make it into our development and operational plans to continuously build our resiliency to issues caused by man or nature.

Global Resiliency

Hosting all our systems on AWS gives ProofPilot unparalleled options in the case one location goes down. AWS has hosting locations in areas around the US (and where legal systems require it around the world). This not only lets us service our customers in various locations but lets us quickly overcome major infrastructure failures including those caused by natural disasters.

Customer Data Back-Up

For resiliency, ProofPilot maintains operational databases in two disparate geographic locations in the United States (and where law requires it for various international studies in other jurisdictions).  Also, we make regular backups of all production database information and store it using Amazon S3 cloud storage. All backups are encrypted in transit and at rest. Backups are stored in various geographic locations for resiliency.