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Trust in Privacy and Ethical Compliance

ProofPilot is committed to meeting regulatory requirements and exceeding where risk and ethical considerations warrant it. Institutional Ethical Review Board (IRB) All studies on ProofPilot must go through an IRB review process before launching to participants. An IRB is “an administrative body established to protect the rights and welfare of human research subjects recruited to …

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Trust in Third Party Systems

ProofPilot uses several key external tools in a production environment to deliver it’s services to all our customers and participants. In addition, ProofPilot is designed as a platform. External organizations may create measurement tools or interventions and make them available to ProofPilot customers. Vetting Process All relationships with ProofPilot are assessed for consistency with our …

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Trust in Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

ProofPilot uses a variety of tools and mechanisms to ensure resiliency. Recovery Planning During our quarterly trust discussions, we often discuss global political and environmental issues that may affect our ability to provide service in various locations. Some of these high-risk considerations make it into our development and operational plans to continuously build our resiliency …

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Trust in Physical Security

ProofPilot is committed to securing the facilities that house our data and protect our employees. Data Center Security ProofPilot leverages the AWS data centers in the United States (for production environments) and Germany (for development and staging environments). AWS has significant physical security procedures in place and complies with an extensive and impressive array of …

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Trust in Continuous Monitoring and Vulnerability Management

ProofPilot’s continuous monitoring program builds on our ethical trust framework and secure-by-design development and operational procedures. These processes are in place not only to identify and mitigate deviations from procedure and security threats but also part of our continuous process improvement model to improve accessibility and usability for our customer’s participants. Continuous Monitoring Program From …

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Trust in Cloud and Network Infrastructure Security

ProofPilot leverages the highly scalable and secure AWS cloud infrastructure to host our production level data. AWS is trusted by security-sensitive organizations diverse as the CIA, PayPal, Bristol-Myers Squibb and AirBnB. Asset Management and Ownership ProofPilot takes the same approach to provisioning cloud infrastructure as it does for product functionality. Does the infrastructure improve security, …

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