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Showing Participants the Reward they are Working Towards

Participants join studies on ProofPilot to contribute to knowledge (about what works), learn about themselves, get important treatments and interventions AND earn rewards. The rewards are particularly important for participants who are healthy and/or in control arms of an interventional study. ProofPilot allows you to show participants what rewards completing a task will unlock. You may associate a …

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Basic ProofPilot Demographics Terminology: Gender vs Sex

As of October 18th, 2017, the default ProofPilot demographic questionnaires will update our language from the terminology “Sex” to “Gender.” This is a more inclusive term. Users may still select traditional options such as Male and Female. From Wikipedia, “The distinction between sex and gender differentiates sex (the anatomy of an individual’s reproductive system, and secondary sex characteristics) from gender, which can refer to either social …

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Why ProofPilot Asks for a Mobile Phone at Registration?

The ProofPilot registration process is carefully thought out to balance security and accessibility. Users must begin their registration with a piece of contact information. Either an SMS enabled telephone number or an e-mail address. If a user registers with an e-mail address, ProofPilot automatically requests the user to optionally provide and confirm an SMS enabled telephone number. …

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What Does Participant Self Service Mean?

Traditionally, most research studies are done in a clinic, requiring participants to travel (sometimes a very long way) for simple tasks like completing assessments. By self-service, we mean tasks where the study design allows participants to complete tasks whenever and wherever suits them (as long as it is within the design of the study). They …

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Identifying Who Completes a Study task

By default, all ProofPilot tasks are set as “participant self-service.” This means that participants can complete the tasks when and where is most convenient for them to do so. However, there are situations when a task must be completed in person, with a study professional. This might include measurements that require training to complete. It might …

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Defining Text and Background Colors

To maintain a customized look and feel, ProofPilot allows you to add photos to the task intro and study recruitment page and change the text and background color. In locations where the color change is possible, you’ll notice various color blocks. Click on the block that corresponds with the component you’d like to change. Select the color …

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