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Your product works better than your competitor. Wouldn’t you love to test it through evidence-based research?

ProofPilot is trusted by the largest healthcare companies in the world to conduct their clinical trials. It’s also simple enough for anyone to conduct their own study, at a fraction of the cost.


Future-proof your company by launching your own studies today with ProofPilot 365. You don’t have to predict the future anymore. You can create it.

Engage Audiences with a New Type of Marketing

Engage Your Fans as a Community

What defines a Community above an ordinary fanbase? Ads, content marketing, everyone does it. Many of these ads can be effective – if you want clicks.  If you want Engagement, well that takes something more engaging. Communities are different from fanbases because Communities have Goals. 

Communities want evidence they can trust if they are going to make an investment to reach their goals and improve their lives. Your Community wants to help generate that evidence and they will engage deeply to do it, through research participation.The answer comes through ProofPilot’s new concept, Research Marketing

When you bolster your overall marketing strategy with Research Marketing, you not only have a cutting-edge way to deeply engage your audience but have a new category of compelling content to promote. 

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Research Marketing

The answer comes through ProofPilot’s new concept, Research Marketing.

By conducting your own research and promoting it, you can put basis behind your claims. When you are able to substantiate your marketing efforts by clinical research, your company will continue to soar.

Why Research Marketing Works

Increases your fanship

Engages with your community

Proves your product works through evidence

You’ve done the hard part. Now we’ll help you conduct trials of your own, keeping your audience informed and healthy, at a fraction of the cost.

Case Studies

Red Light Therapy Mood Study

Joovv chose ProofPilot for several clinical studies, including the investigation of red light therapy for mental health in the winter months.

Tools to Create your Studies


Custom Study Designer

We trust you’ll love our product so much, that we provide endless access to study design now.


Ready, Set, Launch!

Already know what you want to study? If you have your design ready to go, you’re ready for the launch phase.


Pilot Evaluator

At ProofPilot, we don’t just help you with conducting a study. We help you discern just what your results mean.

See ProofPilot In Action

At ProofPilot, you can get a consultation call with one of our professionals. We’ll show you how to practice some easy use cases. Please use your company email address so we can set up a call.