In Person Study Experiences

Technology provides many new and exciting opportunities for participant engagement. But, most research studies still include in-person experiences. Whether a clinical office visit, a group therapy session, community event, ProofPilot supports studies in real life.

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A study professional with Totah Behavioral Health prepares for a sweat lodge session. Totah is evaluating the impact of sweat lodge on alcohol and substance use treatment among Navajo men and women.

Define Who Completes Every Task and Where

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Control the "Who and Where" of every study task as you design your protocol: Participant self-self service, in-person professionally proctored task, administrative tasks (both specific to a participant, and non-specific). Coming soon, ProofPilot will even support observer tasks (for teachers observing children, or an adult caregiver observing an elderly parent).

Recruit and Enroll Participants in Person

Some users will learn about a study from a friend via social media. Others may find the study via a search engine.  And others will learn about ProofPilot via a clinician or other study professional that engages them in the study. ProofPilot's In-Person Recruitment functionality provides an elegant and efficient service flow for both professionals and participants.

How to Recruit Participants in Person

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Service Participants with Your Mobile Phone

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Identify a task as one that only a study professional can complete. Using a secure customer-centered approach that maximizes participant and study professional interaction, staff can complete tasks on the participant's behalf. 

Recruit and Engage Large Groups Via SMS

Recruiting or serving very large numbers of participants where it's just not realistic to engage each individual in person. Let hundreds, even thousands of participants enroll and engage in studies via SMS message. 

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Allow Participants to Complete Tasks at a Group-Based Event with SMS Messages

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