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Launch & Engage Participants

ProofPIlot turns the research study into a new form of online media. All you need to do is press the launch button. Your study runs automatically. Start designing your study today, and launch an experience participants actually enjoy by mid-January.

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Build Awareness & Recruit

ProofPilot is social while being private and confidential. Allow participants to recruit other participants. Run ads. Place a call to action on your website or social media page. Pull participants from your marketing tools like e-mail marketing and event management with Zapier.

Automatically Remind Particpants

Studies are made up of individual study tasks that take place over weeks, months or even years. Participants can launch tasks from their ProofPilot dashboard. Or they can launch tasks via SMS, e-mail or Facebook reminder notifications. 

A Seamless Experience Online and During Study Visits

ProofPilot is big on participant self service.  But some study tasks need a clinic and a professional. ProofPilot is a seamless integrated experience. Participants schedule appointments. Study professionals complete tasks.

Delight Participants by Saying Thank You

Thank participants for completing study tasks by giving them rewards and insights. Select and automatically fulfill giftcards from almost 90 brands in multiple currencies. Give participants back personalized insights. Or, give them exclusive discounts and promotions to valuable products and services.

Unlimited Participants

The more participants the merrier. We never place a cap on the number of participants.

Mitigate Fraud

Only real participants. But we don’t use creepy verification techniques that turn off potential participants.

Secure & Confidential

All data in encrypted and stored on HIPAA compliant secure servers.


ProofPilot is set up to support multiple languages. Let us know which you’d like, and we’ll get you started.