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Design Your Study

ProofPilot has the power to support nearly any kind of human subjects research study. Choose a template. Fill in a blank. See your study come together with crystal clarity. No developers or IT necessary.

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Measure Almost Anything

Choose from a growing list of validated assessments (there are 250 and counting). Allow nearly 170 million Americans to share electronic medical record data. Pull information from Apple HealthKit, Google Fit, and 25 connected health devices.

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Deliver Interventions & Treatments

Interventions are study activities designed to create a change in participants. ProofPilot templates walk you through the process. Create and deliver participant friendly experiences for everything from a complex bio-medical treatment to a reminder to go for a run. 

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Automate Everything By Completing Sentences

Design randomization procedures.  Determine who is eligible and who is not. Set window periods. Activate and expire tasks. Tie everything together with activation and expiration criteria. No fancy complex commands. No confusion. Visually see how your entire study comes happens.

Design a study that runs on autopilot.

Start Without Funding

Ya, Really. Start designing your study without any funding. Design as many studies as you like. 

Unlimited Collaborators

Add as many collaborators as you like. Create studies that include multiple perspectives.

Firm Cost Estimates

As you design your study, we’ll help you set a budget based on your needs. 

Easy IRB Review

ProofPilot meets most organizational and legal regulatory requirements.