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Automatically Append (and Track) Redeem Codes to URLs

One of the most commonly used interventional tools on ProofPilot is the promocode, or coupon code task template. The most frequent use case is to provide study participants free or highly discounted access to an important item for the study. It can also be used to provide rewards. Many study designers use the code to link data between ProofPilot and an external system.

Now, study designers can append unique codes to the URL a participant uses. The participant no longer needs to enter the code manually. This creates a far more seemless and enjoyable process for the participant.

When choosing a promotion code type intervention or reward, enter your URL, leaving out the specific code. Then select the “Append Redemption Code to the URL.” You’re done.

When participants click on the link, ProofPilot will add the assigned code to the URL. You should check with your external system documentation to see how it handles the code.

As with the normal promotion code, each code will be associated with a participant ID in your data downloads for matching.

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