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The Most Crucial Term Trump Is Telling The CDC Not To Use

According to the Washington Post, the Trump Administration is prohibiting the CDC from using several words or phrases in future budget documents. Banning the words "fetus," "transgender," "diversity," and "vulnerable." is being met with widespread outrage (as it, of course, ...

This Simple Question Could Unlock Americas Health Crisis

If we ask a simple question, we may identify the surprising underlying issues that cause many of the health issues plaguing Americans. The truth is, a lot of bad health habits are coping mechanisms due to past trauma — verbal, emotional, sexual, ...

Small Business Snapshot: ProofPilot

The pharma and academic sectors use research techniques like the randomized controlled trial and longitudinal outcome study to determine how to improve human and societal health. The problem is, these techniques are so complex and expensive very few of them ...

ResearchKit Reaches a Crossroads – And Faces Some Tough Questions

Apple's groundbreaking digital health platform, launched in 2015 to revolutionize the clinical trials market, is facing competition from mHealth companies who say the platform has outgrown its usefulness.

What Does the 21st Century Cures Act Mean for Digital Health

President Barack Obama finally signed the 21st Century Cures Act into law earlier this month. What does the 21st Century Cures Act mean for digital health? It means better health data interoperability for those who support it and penalties for ...

What #DigitalHealth Can Learn from the Fight Against HIV/AIDS

Gay men are technology, early adopters. What early lessons in the fight against HIV/AIDS should digital health providers learn from to improve the odds these tech health tools make an impact?

ProofPilot launches platform to help researchers run scientific studies about digital health devices and wellness programs

The platform, featuring 10 new templates, reduces the barrier to conducting scientifically valid studies on digital health tool, fitness regimens, dietary programs, wellness efforts and others, the company said.

Why Coming Out Means More than Being Gay in Tech

Diversity in tech is something that everyone agrees that there needs to be more of — more women, more minorities, more perspective.

CNN Money’s 15 Questions with ProofPilot CEO Matthew Amsden

Matthew Amsden wants to use technology to make it easier to conduct clinical trials. Then, maybe people will do more of them. After all, there’s a lot of room for improvement when it comes to research studies.

ProofPilot pivots, launches DIY research study design and development platform for small nonprofits

It's prohibitively expensive for small organizations to do the kind of research larger groups do. They can’t do research on their [own] interventions because it’s too costly. Our goal is to bring the price down and make [these studies] more ...

Playing by ‘startup rules’ almost killed my digital health startup

In the digital world, the three startup growth mantras we hear are, “move fast and break things,” “release products early and often,” and “sales overcome all problems. But living by these mantras nearly killed my digital health startup, ProofPilot, and ...

ProofPilot Wants to Help You Design, Launch and Manage Research Studies

Scientific research has propelled humanity forward throughout the course of the modern era, and now, technology may have found a way to catalyze this progress even further with a new tool that allows researchers to recruit, engage, and retain their ...

ProofPilot relaunches software to enable anyone to run an RCT

New York City-based ProofPilot, a startup creating technology to help anyone launch a randomized control trial, has re-launched its clinical trial product.

ProofPilot launches with $1.85 million to help researchers run scientific studies

ProofPilot, a startup that helps researchers design and manage scientific studies, launches today after a $1.85 million investment from CueBall Capital and Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, among others.