Our Mission

Create an abundance of evidence about what works to improve our lives. We're doing this by democratizing the research tools used to run scientifically valid studies. We believe It is a human right to make decisions about our personal and societal health based on what works.

Our History

Before launching ProofPilot, many of us worked together at a consulting firm. We focused on helping academic institutions and government agencies develop online research studies.

A lot of those studies focused on testing different HIV prevention strategies. Those studies targeted gay men, early technology adopters. So, we were experimenting with online research studies well before the rest of us were doing so much online.

But, there were problems. Even with open sourced software, its expensive to develop online research infrastructure. We could only work with the most well-funded studies.For those studies that could afford us, the problems didn't end. It took forever to launch a study.

Developing online technology takes months. During that time, study protocols changed. That required tech changes. We rushed those changes through to reduce frequent delays. This created bugs that sometimes weren't caught until it was to late.

The technology added a layer of management complexity to a process already fraught with difficulties. A vast majority of human subject research studies don't end on time or on budget. Recruitment issues, study protocol deviations, inconsistently applied regulations ...No one was happy.

Before we started every new project, we looked for a solution. There wasn't one. So, like a lot of people involved in research, we relived the pain over and over again.

And that's why we created ProofPilot. We initially created it to solve our own problems. And in the process of doing so - created a solution that makes a real research study easy for anyone.