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Overcoming the ProofPilot Equivalent of Writers Block

How do you get inspired and overcome the ProofPilot equivalent of writer’s block? Take a study that’s already been done and replicate it for your own purposes. Here’s how. Like staring at any blank page, an empty ProofPilot study flow page can be overwhelming, even for those of us who use ProofPilot every day. There…

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How Designing a Study on ProofPilot is Like Composing a Piece of Music

At ProofPilot, we often get the question: “How can you support studies in so many different topic areas?” The answer is in the structure provided by the ProofPilot study protocol design language. Like an interactive sheet of blank music paper, the study design language has a defined structure that can be filled in to accomplish…

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This Simple Question Could Unlock Americas Health Crisis

America is in the grip of a massive health crisis that has nothing to do with Washington. With one simple question, we could unlock the surprising underlying issues that lead to some of our greatest public health issues. In any public space, a lot of us look around and see obesity and lifestyle diseases everywhere.…

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