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Why ProofPilot Isn’t Blue

A discussion between Matthew Amsden and Dustin Woehrmann on how the ProofPilot brand and logo came to be — and why it’s a big departure from healthcare and human service brands as usual. Matthew Amsden (CEO and Founder of ProofPilot): I was on an airplane one day, seated in the middle seat in coach on a cross-country flight.…

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Is Silicon Valley About to Democratize Academic Health Research?

#ResearchTech: An emerging group of venture backed tech companies are disrupting a $100 billion dollar sector and improving our lives with faster, and cheaper scientific evidence. We’ve all seen venture-backed tech companies eliminate barriers and transform our culture. Kickstarter allows anyone to support creative projects, not just wealthy benefactors. Blogging tools, YouTube, and Instagram allows…

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Research & Evaluation Spending Benchmarks

How much should an evaluation cost? Setting a research and evaluation budget? The commonly stated benchmarks are nuts high. Here’s what others spend and our recommendations. Running a successful business without an accounting system is tough. Investments in the right things produce a positive financial return. Investments that don’t work out produce a negative financial…

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