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Is the Tech Industry the Trojan Horse for Gay Rights Around the World?

In the US, over the past decade, LGBT rights has progressed dramatically. However, progress in other parts of the world has been slow. Today, while the United Nations blocked an attempt by anti-LGBT countries in Africa to end the post of UN Independent Expert to monitor violence and discrimination against LGBT individuals, the vote was…

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ProofPilot Announces Automatic IRB and Regulatory Review

There are many of us from all walks of life who want to run studies ourselves — and we should be able to. The internet has democratized investing, journalism, and video, so it is time the same thing happened in the world of research. However, heavy bureaucratic roadblocks make research almost impossible outside of large research settings.…

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What #DigitalHealth Can Learn from the Fight Against HIV/AIDS

HIV researchers were among the first professionals to create health solutions using consumer technology. Since the HIV epidemic began in the early 80s, gay men have been among the highest risk groups for HIV infection. And because gay men are also early technology adopters, researchers were able to bring their studies online to meet the…

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