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ProofPilot's dashboard provides a one stop location for all the participant needs to do. E-mail and SMS messages remind, powerful reward and incentive tools reward.



Organize your study design. Create full scale interventions and assessments. Set and automate protocols, eligibility, registration and consent process. The launch our study.



Sit back and watch the data roll in with automated management reports. Maintain perfect protocol fidelity with in clinic tools. Management and logistics just happen. 


ProofPilot is a platform for professionals with a question and people who can help answer that question via old fashioned research studies - the kind you hear about published in academic journals. The kind of studies that take years to set up, and cost huge amounts of money.

Except ProofPilot is different. It brings the same efficiencies that we now take for granted with online banking, social media, or shopping to research studies. 

Participants can engage with research studies via a stylish online experience or an organized in clinic setting. Researchers can easily design and manage studies and not worry about security, software, web development, data storage, or large stockpiles of gift cards. 

With ProofPilot, studies can be done at dramatically reduced costs, greater efficiency, increased security, and minimized management demands. Participants can engage around a brand - and their privacy and willingness to share data and experiences is respected. 

With, researchers in academia, pharma, healthcare, government, and consumer goods can evaluate new approaches. Whether it be behavior changes, healthcare treatments, social service programs, training initiatives, new products, and services,  that in the past required difficult-to-manage and exceptionally expensive randomized trials or evaluations. ProofPilot makes it possible to do quickly and efficiently.

Does your innovative app, program, or product really make a difference? Does it make a difference now, and will it continue to do so 6 months into the future? Is your hypothesis accurate? Why or why not?

We created ProofPilot to help answer those questions with scientific accuracy, but without massive budgets, an army of graduate students or a even a PhD. 



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